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Your Brand, Your Business

often we miss interoperate what a brand is. Maybe we tend to generalize it or do we specify it? Or maybe you could say a BRAND is generalized but specific.... I know! I am challenging the way you might be thinking about it.

A lens to look through. When you walk the dog, cook dinner, do the laundry, drive to work, greet someone, converse with your peers or colleges etc. there is an old saying, that you are always SELLING. Selling who you are to yourself, selling who you wan to be to others, & selling the world on YOUR BRAND.

Changing the way you look at "your brand" is what I want to do. Personal or Professional, you need to understand the branding starts with YOU. Do you want your company to do 10x sales? Do you want your employees to do more & last longer? do you want your home life to feel more balanced? do you want to have more return customers? do you want to have a more organized system from sales to the logistic operation inside your business.

Well.. it's there is many micro actions that take place that make up success through anything you do in life. But at the center of it all is YOU. How you go to sleep, how you wake up, how you prepare for bed, how you prepare for the next day, how you start your morning, how you end your night. So many options, so many things to do... not enough time... but again, that starts with YOU. How do you manage time? when have you looked at your day & followed it by building out a calendar? dont want to be robotic! fine... when's the last time you've built a process that fits your personality but optimizes your performance & stuck with it?

Listen, I know.. every motivated speaker spill the same juice in a different way. Some times, it's because it works. Discipline doesn't always work, everyone gets burnt out. Thats why you have to build stronger systems that are more about consistency & less about motivation. If you have a system in place that encourages your productivity, growth, focused, & being recharged.. then you are putting yourself in a place where you will win more often then not.


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