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1% Better Every Day

Hello! Geo here, a multi-million dollar sales leader & business owner. I have never been one to "push books" on people or if I am being totally honest... Ive never been a huge book reader myself just because of my fast paced mindset. It can some times be hard for a book to keep my mind stimulated enough to not look away.

But I would say, the book #AtomicHabits has been one of those key books that is just filled with great analogies, insights, and learnings that make you want to #share with everyone. As a sales driven leader, it was puts hard work into an analogy. Lets say as a #business owner you are working your tail off from bell to bell every day & not seeing the #results that you would expect from all of the time & effort you are putting in to driving #progress. With that being said, how do you keep working so hard with out seeing immediate results?

let me give you one of those key #analogies like the "ice cube on a table". If you put an ice cube on a table & the room temperature is 25 degrees. What happens to the ice cube? NOTHING! it would still be cold enough in the room for the ice cube to not melt. Now you turn the temperature up to 27 degrees... what happens? well still you turn the temperature up to 30 degrees!!! I know, you are like man, I have been #consistently raising the temperature 2-3 degrees & still no #progress. Then You turn the temperature up to 33 degrees. With #amazement you see the ice cube is starting to melt & slide on the table!

Wow, so now just another 3 Degrees, and your #hardwork is finally starting to show. Thats because you have broken through what is called the #platuelatency. Which is the break through point. Now #relate this to all of the hard work you are doing to drive a specific result. Now sure, you dont want to do the same thing over & over again hoping for a result cause that would be by definition. #insanity. But what you want to do is continue to form, shape, sharpen, smoothen, and re-introduce new approaches to what you are working towards while at the same time #understanding the result may not come right away. That all of your hard work, will lead up to a BREAK THROUGH point to which you will not only see results. But you will a vison of both where you came, & where you are headed.

I hope this has inspired your thoughts if by 1%. Because that could be the 1% you needed to break through. Curate My Brand is here to help you build yourself up from both personal & professional standpoint. Want to #grow your #sales? Build #infrasturcutre? #lead a team? Drive Results? Build a brand? Grow your online presence? email to schedule a call!

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